Google Ranking Factors

Google Ranking Factors

Google Ranking Factors

Have you ever wondered how does Google Adwords rank OR’

Why Google puts some ads on top and others are not shown?

There are many people who are advertising their services or products but there are only two or three of them who are able to come up on the first page of the search. WHY?

Imagine, Google system works in the form of a crowd of people where everyone is bidding, calling out their prices to sell their services.

Now in such a situation how will you stand out?

Since Google works on an auction system whenever any advertiser bid the highest paying bidder has most likely chance to come on top.

The problem is for those who cannot pay more. Will they never get a chance to come up.

To resolve this Google made another metric which is quality score i.e Ad Rank system.

Ad Rank is determined by the Max CPC multiplied by Quality Score.


Maximum CPC: is the maximum amount an advertiser is willing to pay.

Quality Score: Is a number given by Google depending on many factors. These factors would be discussed further.

Google Ranking Range: This scale is between 1-10(low —-> high)


Why do we have a Quality Score?

One can ask this question as to what is the purpose of quality score and what is Google’s interest in putting such a metric.

Well QS is a way of balancing the interests of all parties in the online ecosystem.

  • User can view all types of information as each time he refreshes his search query, Google evaluates a new quality score depending on the recent update of the site by the advertiser. This way User gets to know the latest information or products he is searching for.
  • Advertiser focuses on improving the ads by putting up good and relevant ads. They work hard so as to reduce the cost. Paying less and improving the looks will cost them less budge.
  • Google also has an advantage and more advertisers would come up to put their ads and users would get more relevant info. More people will be willing to pay and competing in the market. More users would come to Google for finding relevant information as their experience was good with Google.

All three parties have benefited from this Quality Score.


All three parties have interests. 

So what are the factors by which we can improve our Quality score and rank on top?

There are three very important factors for improving Quality score:

  1. CTR( Click through Rate);

                    This means the more people clicking to my Ad more would be my click through Rate(CTR).

Here is an example, suppose I search for the keyword “shopping online”. 

The results that would be coming up are according to my geo-location.

Important Question: Why is there only one ad showing whereas there must be other advertisers who must have paid for the very same keyword. (We’ll answer this further. Keep on reading)




People are going to click on the first option, therefore, the click-through rate would be increased.


2. Relevance:

                   Google checks if a user finds a relevant ad to his search for example if a user is searching for a keyword like “shopping online” and you have created an ad which is not related to shopping then your ad is not going to show up ever because it is not relevant to the user search.

Keyword should be relevant with your ad copy and the landing page should also show the keyword.

More the relevancy more would be your quality score and chances would be more for your ad to appear on the first-page search. In other words, more the relevancy higher would be your quality score

3. Landing Page Experience:

                Google a very intelligent and therefore, it keeps track of your site’s visitors as for how long are they spending time on your site. There are also some sub-factors which help in improving Landing page Experience

  • easy to load
  • less load time
  • more user-friendly
  • easy to use
  • less bounce rate


The above three Factors are helpful in increasing your Quality Score. But keep in mind there are some other factors too but mainly focussing on these three would be enough.

GOOGLE’s Paying Formula:

The formula which Google follow is Quality Score multiplied by the amount an advertiser pay.

If someone cannot afford to pay more he should work hard to increase his Quality Score so that when this is multiplied with a small amount of money it gives a higher result.

For Example:

Let us suppose there are two advertisers who are bidding on the same keyword.

–  If person 1 can only afford $2.00/ day(per day) for his Ad and gets a Quality Score of 5. Then 2 X 5 =10

Person 1’s Quality Score would be10.

While Person 2 is willing to pay $5.00 but his quality score is only 1. Then his ad Rank 5 X 1 = 5

His Quality score would be only 5.

This means Person 1 has more chances to come on top.

How does GOOGLE charge for any ad:

                  Every payer has the right to know how Google charges him for an ad. The formula is simple. Consider the following chart.


Suppose there three advertisers bidding on a keyword “mobile phone”. google gives Quality Score according to their performance of creating ad and Max CPC is given by the advertiser himself according to his budget. Rank is calculated by the old formula but how?

Now below is the chart with Rank calculated. How did we get these Ranks we’ll explain.

Ad Rank is calculated by multiplying QS with Max CPC. Ad positions are determined according to the score but how is Google cutting the price and charging?


Ad Rank = Max CPC X Quality Score. (Simple mathematical formula 😊)

Max CPC = AdRank / Quality Score.

Google takes Ad Rank of the second best to the advertiser divides it by Quality Score of advertiser then adds 0.01 to it.

Point to be noted: We are not able to know other’s Rank.

Actual CPC is always less than your Max CPC.

An advertiser may appear above a competitor and pay less. 

How do we find Max CPC?

With the help of some tools like Keyword Planner and others, we can know the CPC of any keyword.




Adsense vs Adwords

Adsense vs Adwords

Google ads(or AdWords) is a tool for advertisers who want to show their products or services to the world while Google Adsense is for publishers. The site which has Adsense integrated to it will be showing ads that are created on Google Ads by any company. This fall is the Google Display network. If any company uses Google Ads and create an ad this ad would be shown in a website which has integrated Adsense into it when a user clicks on that ad, Advertiser would have to pay to Google and some percentage is given to publisher(who is showing the ads).  

What is Google Adwords

What is Google Adwords

What is Google Adwords

Why do you want to learn Google Adwords or Google Ads?

This is a very clear and cut question as before starting to learn Google Ads you must be clear as to why do you want to learn Google Ads.

Many people have no idea about what is Google Ads are (previously known as Google AdWords). There can be multiple advantages of getting to know about Google ads like

  • If you want to establish your business learning Google Ads would be helpful.
  • You can work as a freelancer and run an agency or campaign for your clients.
  • Google Ads is also helpful in affiliate marketing.

What is Google? How Google deducts money from an advertiser? How to optimize your campaign? All the above topics would be covered in this article… So keep reading till the end.

The Google Network:

This is a platform where you can run your Google ads. Is divided into two networks

  1. Search Network
  2. Display Network

Search Network:

It connects with consumers when they search. Google is not only a standalone platform which works as a search engine as it also has small partners like, AmericaOnline etc. In this user’s intent is already known.

For example, A user writes about any interest in the search engine. On searching keyword of “online shopping,” Google brings a list of results topmost showing the Ad mark below indicating that this site is paying for Ads to Google.

Gmail also falls into the display network.







Display Network:

It connects with consumers when they pursue the interest. Any website which has integrated Adsense will be showing ads of other companies will fall into the Google display network. It is better for branding and awareness. Reach is much higher than the search network.

For example, I am just reading an article but any company shows its ad to me. That means companies are pursuing their interest to the user. It is done by using Adsense. Here is a screenshot of a site showing ads

If you see this type of sign i.e cross it is a Google ad.  

Google Network and content network together makes Google Advertising network. Display network shows different ads to different persons on the same site at the same time depending on their interests.

Here I am sharing a video which would be more helpful in understanding Google Network.

What is Adwords?

Google’s mission is to arrange information and to make it universally accessible for all.

while Search means helping people seeking and finding relevant useful information.

Some Important points:

There are some products of Google like:

  • This is a display network. Whether it be a video or a banner it can be displayed on Youtube.
  • Any website made on WordPress and has integrated Google Adsense to it will become part of Google network.
  • Display network is better for branding and awareness
  • And search network is better for sales and revenue because a user is searching for any targetted keyword by his own intent.

The advantage of Google Ads: We can target our audience of any particular area, of any particular interest

There are three-valued prepositions.

Some terms to understand: In order to increase our knowledge about Google Ads, we must understand the 3R’s

  1. Reach
  2. Relevance
  3. ROI

Reach: Google scale is massive. Google is a connections business.

Obviously, everyone wants to start a business in a busy market where customers come and go.

Secondly, there are many of Google’s platforms youtube, blogs, photos… etc

Relevance: Google shows relevant ads to users. No unwanted or not interested ads are shown.

As the above pic indicates.

Relevance is very important as it sharpens your focus.

You can show relevance accordingly:

  • Country wise, region wise, area wise
  • Language-wise
  • Customized


ROI: means Return on Investment i.e. if people click on my ad Google then only I would be charged by it. I other words it only charges on clicking of your Ad. PPC i.e Pay per click. These metrics are measurable and can be monitored.

While running ads on television we cannot restrict our audience and charges but here on net media( Facebook, Google or  Youtube….) you will be charged only if your ad is viewed.


Here you can know how much does Google charge and on what basis your ad is most probably supposed to rank on top.

No one knows what others are bidding for.