Google Search machanism

Google Search machanism

Google Search machanism

How does Google work so fast?

Search engine crawler   —–  ever heard of it

As many search engines are there in the world they have these crawlers which search on the particular page of websites.

All search engines read the entire page and understand the content including images and make a copy of the page.

This copy is saved as a record in Google’s data centers

Learn more about crawlers

Software—>search engine crawlers —>crawls webpage( reads & understand)—>create a copy—-> save i data centers through sorting w.r.t. search queries

This is called indexing. That means if any page is indexed in Google’s database then only that page will be shown by Google.

How often Google indexes( crawls) our website?

After every 24 hrs, it does this depending upon how frequent data has been updated to the website.

If no new content is found then this crawling is delayed.

This means as frequent you are uploading data to your website more often it is to be indexed by GOOGLE.

Is it possible to know…

When was the last time Google crawled my website?

There is a way to find when was the last time google saved a copy of any page on a particular website.


On Google search console write the name of your site.

There will appear a small arrow beside the name.

Click on it an option with Cached written will be opened

Click on it.

The information is helpful for those who are doing SEO. They will be able to check out the last time their website had been crawled by Google.

What if Google has crawled our website two days back and now we have updated it then we would have to send a request to Google to come and crawl our website again.

Topics Covered in this article:

There are two main PArts:

  1. On page SEO(Relevance)
  2. Off Page SEO(Popularity)
  3. Technical SEO(SEO Friendly)
  4. ECommerce SEO
  5. WordPress SEO
  6. Google Algorithm Updates & Advanced SEO

Types of SEO

  1. White Hat SEO(Ethical)
  2. Black Hat SEO(unethical) —-> People manipulate search engines but we have t avoid it.
  3. Grey Hat SEO (in between black and white hat SEO

What are the keywords?

Search Query vs keywords:

Every keyword can be a search query but every search query is not the keyword.

Which are important and are search on Seach engines.

We can find out Keyword density by using tools like Keyword everywhere

Challenges to do while doing our website’s SEO:

  • We need to identify the keywords

Keywords Strategy:-

  • Relevant: keywords should be relevant to our business
    • Our website should have content related to the search.
  • Searches: are these keywords being searched in search engines( Keyword density)
  • It should have reasonable searches
  • Competition: We also need to check the competition. Ranging from 0-1, if it is near to 1 then more is the competition.
    • It is usually difficult to target a high competition keyword. We should take fewer competition keywords.

We have to identify 4-5 keywords for different pages.

List of Top tools for researching on keyword

  1. Google keyword planner tool.
    1. Here is a video to show how Google keyword planner works
  1. Keyword Tool—>
    • It is a paid tool we can use it for free for keyword Ideas, but search volume, CPC, Competition will not be known without payment
  1. Keyword Everywhere Chrome Extension
    • Click on Install Chrome or Firefox depending on the name of your browser
    • 4.

It gives volume search, CPC, Competition of that keyword

5. LongTailPro–> this is also a paid tool


Point to be noted:

The domain name does not improve SEO you have to do keyword targeting on any keyword.

Types of Keywords:

  • Short tail keywords(minimum of 2-3 words)
  • Long tail keywords(consist of more details)

what is the basic difference in their behavior:

Here is a comparison chart by

  • Long tail keywords have high conversion-rate(to convert visitors into customers)
  • Volume is high in short tail keywords than
  • Since competition is high for short tail it is better to use long tail keywords for ranking high in search engines
  • Focus or target relevance is low in the short tail while high in long tail keywords
  • Long tail keywords are more costly than long-tail keywords.

5 tips for Website Design (in 2020)

5 tips for Website Design (in 2020)

5 tips for Website Design (in 2020)

There are a number of options but we will focus on the main 5 points which are a must for any website designer.

 1. Mastering any Page builder:

As there are many WordPress page builder plugins like

  • drizzy
  • elementor
  • divi
  • avada theme
  • site origin
  • beaver
  • and many more

You must focus using any on any one of it and start mastering it. As using too many page builders together may consume too much time and can end up in frustration.

 2.  Bringing Traffic to Website:

This is the most important part of web designing. Once you have created a website now its time to attract people to your business.

Designing and putting up your website is not enough you have to let others know about your service. Your products and the timings in which you are available to serve them.

Letting people know the 4 W’s & 1H’s:

  • What You Do.
  • Where you Work or Serve.
  • Whom do you work for?
  • When do you work?

1H is:

  • How do you work?

So you need to start learning “How to bring traffic to your website?”

Now, let me tell you a story because with this you will be able to understand the third very very important part of offering your services as a web designer.

A friend of mine came over to me and said, “I am working as a home-based cook, and would be making food and delivering them to local place offices, houses and would also be taking some orders. So I want a website showing whatever cooking services I am providing and I also need to promote my business locally so that delivering food becomes easier for me.”

So, first of all, I jot down her requirements:

  • I need to provide food services to local people and cover the area which is near her place.
  • She also mentioned that her working hours would be
  • She would be taking orders between 10:00 a.m. -12:00 a.m. and
  • Food would be delivered between 1:00 p.m.- 2:00 p.m.

This is called Funnels.

Here comes the third part of business running as a website designer.

 3. Design basic funnels:

This  is a stepwise procedure in which your client follows these steps

  1. Selects a particular service discount
  2. Then he comes to an opt-in page
  3. Then thank you page and
  4. Confirmation page comes for clients subscription for keeping the customers updated with your latest services

To make the Opt-in complete we need to integrate it with email autoresponder like

  • MailChimp
  • ActiveCampaign etc

This can also be achieved with page-builders you just need to be clear on the concept of how these would be merging together.

 4. Improving Design skills:

Yes, this is back on the list. Design skills are very very important because having an eye for color layout, typography can make your designs look professional.

You can grab a lot of audience and traffic believe if you follow these simple steps to make a good design.

  • Keep it simple
  • Your design should be clean
  • It should be responsive
  • Coordinate with the colors

Strat learning from youtube on “How to learn design”

  5. Basic Video Editing:

Now think about it if you are desihgning a website traffic is the in entit which would be requiring imagine of having a car and feul to run it. Car is your website and fuel is the traffic.

So if there is a beautiful looking website whereas there is no one to come to that website so this is where traffic comes in.

Experts have been telling us that by 2020 90% of traffic would be coming through videos. SO you need to do basic video editing.

You can do video editing with

  • Streamflow
  • Filmore
  • Even on phone

You can also search for the term How to edit Videos to get the newest tools in the market.

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