How to create subscribe animation in PowerPoint


  • Two Rectangle buttons
  • Two Bells
  • One Cursor


Insert a rectangle make it’s color Fill with Red and on top of it write SUBSCRIBE. Adjust the size and fonts according to your requirements.

Copy and paste the same button and change its text to SUBSCRIBED and shape FIl with grey color in order to show it

Copy the previous rectangle and paste it on top of the previous rectangle.

Change the animation of this button to Appear and it should start after previous.

From Insert Tab insert a Picture of a cursor and give it an animation of a Line in Custom Path motion.

Give this cursor the Line animation and drag the cursor animation upward i.e. on top of all objects on animation pane.

Drag the cursor animation on top of the animaion pane so it should be the first animation. Right click on the cursor and select Bring Forward

From Insert Tab insert Picture of a bell and place it beside rectangle.


Copy and paste the same bell with semi circle images on sides of the bell.

This will give a ringing effect Group all the three objects

Bring it on top of previous bell image, and give it an animation of Appear starting with previous.

Insert the audio of click sound and move it under first rectangle. Start it with previous