How to make a handwriting effect in PowerPoint?

Writing text effect needs two things:

  1. Text which has to be given writing effect
  2. A picture of Hand with holding pen

Steps for making a text-writing effect:

  1. Select the text and change it to handwritten font called “Segoe Script”( it is available on every computer which has PowerPoint).
  2. Next thing is to have the picture of a hand holding a pen now with these two things in place go create the animation.
  3. Now select the text which you have to show as written form. In Animations select Fade effect and go to the animation pane, here now the first thing to do is to animate this text here so use 0.5 as the duration of the animation and do one little thing click on the small arrow button on the right next to the animation event and then go to effect options and then go to this option called animate text. Here, it says all at once don’t keep it all at once(which is default value) but change it to by letter such that each character gets animated for 0.5.Then in the delay option value is10% delay between letters, we don’t want 10% but we want a100% percent delay between letters, and what we mean by 100% delay is after the animation of the first letter the second letter would start so that is what is the meaning of 100% delay between letters.
  4. Now multiply the number of characters that you have with 0.5 in this case we have 5 so 5* 0.5 = 2.5 seconds. So the extent to which we need to apply animation for this particular text i.e Hello.
  5. Now the kind of animation we are going to apply is custom path animation which you can find in the options (click on the drop down menu and go down to motion paths and click on custom path)You can see the cursor has changed into cross. Trace it on your text

    (you just have to move your hands pretty naturally as if to trace these characters don’t get too worried about tracing it an exact way that you want because this is just going to be a guiding factor for  the animation).

  6. Once it is done you double-click and that is how the animation is going to happen all right so now with that done, you can see that there is a small transparent version of the graphic that is shown here that tells you how exactly the animation is going to where it’s going to start and where it’s going to end.
  7. In the animation pane adjust somesettings like — increase the duration of this 2.5(because we multiplied 5 into 0.5 is 2.5 so let us go here and say 2.5 seconds)
  8. Then we are going to go to the small drop down menu here go to effect options and here in order to have a smooth effect( in which the animation happens)select smooth start and smooth end option that comes as standard effect in custom animation  move this back to zero and smooth end also to zero (so that the calculations match exactly how we want)
  9. The handwriting animation is happening, now let us keep playing by adjusting the position of the hand so, that it looks now what we need to do is we need to.

    10. Last but not least bring the hand to front and make it happening with previous so this animation for the text and the animation for the hand needs to happen simultaneously and let us observe how the animation plays.

    11. Go to slideshow mode on a click you can see that the hand is pretty beautifully writing whatever that we have drawn in the custom motion path and it’s very natural

    12. One more thing we need to do and that is to take the hand out of the scene using an exit animation so let us select the hand picture here go to add animation and then click fly out and that is how the hand goes away. Make this happen after previous.

    Note: one important thing that I want you to should keep in mind whenever you use a handwriting text animation in your PowerPoint presentation use it sparingly when you try and use it too many times your audience will get tired of looking at the animation. Second, the freshness wears off as long as you keep that in mind this effect can blow your audience’s mind