6 steps to get success in hands

6 steps to get success in hands

6 steps to get success in hands

Has it ever been to you, despite doing everything you have not been succeeding or upgrading your lifestyle?

Do you feel like you are a total disaster?

Has it ever been like, that any work that you start to do ends up with nothing?

Well, this is not only you who is facing such challenges but people all over the world each and everyone has his own challenges which he/she has to overcome. The only difference between success and failure is that those who succeed keep on trying while others leave hope.

Here are some ways to keep you on the road of Success:

          1. Time Management:



Managing your 24 hours with more than one task is a bit challenging especially in a world where there are so many diversions. There was a time when people used to do only one job at a time. There was no television or gadgets like mobiles, laptops, etc. Am I talking about AN UNKNOWN WORLD? Well, there had been days when everyone had time for others. Now we have to keep up with the world. But HOW to manage?

Since we cannot focus on a single task. When you are on a laptop or start checking Insta, WhatsApp, SMS, there are a dozen thoughts emerging at a time. How to pick anyone and start working on it.

  • First and foremost you must search within yourself which is the most important chore you must do and if you will not do that your life will become miserable.
  •  Limit it to some time. That you must try to complete it in that particular time. This time span must not be small( according to your capability )
  • If you have given a long duration (more than an hour) take some breaks, move around for a while.
  • If you are feeling fatigue with the same task switch to some other job. Just Don’t waste your precious time so that you would not feel that you have not done anything.
  • Take out time to pass with your family or friends who make you feel special.

This way you will be able to manage your time with more than one tasks


      2Stay focused:



            Hey, does it sound familiar if you are not able to focus do the where you are much focused? Does it happen to you that cranky notifications end up in scattering your previous goals? Tech these days is continuously popping up with new notifications if, for example, you want to write about any topic you just start getting notify which moves your head to some other direction. This happens to me too but here is the solution which I got recently.

  • Keep your eye on the keyboard.
  • Close your ears and just focus on the point you were thinking.
  • There is another tip which helped e in focusing. In the morning for 5 mins just focus on a single point ( as great Yogis say). Start going from 1 to 5mins as you will start doing this practice. Soon you would be able to focus a single point in your mind.
  • After completing your task you can look on the screen to check what you have done.

  3. Be Consistent: 


               Taking long breaks ends up with inconsistency. Try not to prolong your rest time. If you are no more interested in your task start asking the following questions to yourself:

  • Why did this happen? Have you lost your focus or some other work is more important for you? If yes go and complete it first.
  • Am I not enjoying myself?
  • Consistency comes with time just keep on practicing.

     4Follow your inspiration: 


                                      Working with this tip surely helped me, as I’ve always tried to follow a  successful personality. How to be inspired is one of the best ways to keep you up with an enlightened spirit of achieving any goal, in my case writing a blog with full enthusiasm and inner joy. Ones inner contentment can never let you down.

  • Think of yourself as the best
  • Nobody’s Mr. Perfect or born with perfectionism. Following your conscience, positive thoughts and staying away from negative thoughts can help you keep going on the right track.

  4. Make some rules & stick to them:

                        Keeping a vigilant eye on oneself can surely make him/her strong and able to face challenges. Imagine yourself on a battlefield as a warrior who has to be strong to be able to defend his country. There is not any a challenge of saving yourself but also others, defending and attacking

  • Your one wrong move can risk the lives of others.
  • What should you do at such a time?
  • You must stick your feet to the ground.
  • Be strong
  • Must follow the given guidance or you will die.


      5. Control your temper:

                  Has this ever occurred to you that why temper is strictly forbidden and bad for health?

A great leader said, “Keep a complete control over your temper and anger because I never found anything more beneficial at than anything and producing more good results than such as control“.

(Quotation from letters of Hazrat Ali).


Here are some good tips for controlling your temper

  • If you are standing to sit down, if sitting le down or have a full glass of water
  • Laughter is the best medicine, start laughing out loud(LOL) it’s not just for writing. Try it you will surely love this tip and improve your health and productivity.

      6. Appreciate yourself

You are the most beautiful person. Nobody is as good as you are to yourself. Every human being is unique and beautiful within himself, as THE Creator of him is GREAT. Be thankful to whatever you have got. Everyone in the world is having some problems but the important thing is to face these challenges bravely. Try not to degrade yourself, and give some reward after achieving a particular target. For example, if you wish to lose weight after every single scale down give yourself a pat at the back you are great.

  • Talk to yourself
  • If they can do it why can’t you

Afterward, you are not going to get another life to appreciate your self.