Website Design and Development Process

Website Design and Development Process

Website Design and Development Process

Building a website is one of the difficult jobs which take knowledge and data to do it right. Become familiar with the 7 periods of website designing and development and see how we can help.

The main purpose of the website is to display your business, in online marketing activities if you look at all the marketing channels and techniques what they actually do is guide visitors to your website and then these visitors turn into customers in marketing terms this is called conversions.

A bad website will basically cause you to waste money and other marketing methods because you don’t want more visitors if you can’t turn them into customers so the better your website is the more visitors are converted into your customers and it doesn’t really matter whether your sell consumer products online provide local services or build residences.

People who call themselves web designers in the industry are just a bunch of geeks with some basic coding knowledge of HTML/CSS without much planning, they will pretty quickly create a website for your with lots of information photos, contacts, but, the question is, would they be able to turn the visitors of your website into your customers.
And the answer is a simple NO.

What you need to do is search for somebody genuine about website designing well, that is the place where we come in. Below are the seven phases in which we complete our website designing and development from basic to a complete working website.

  1. Analysis:

    website design analysis

    The first step is always about information gathering, identifying things like the website purpose Goals and target audience.

  2. Planning: This phase includes the definition of the site map, structure and technologies that were about to use
  3. Designing: After passing through the analysis and planning phase we start making our wireframe. We not only focus on wireframe models and the usual style in this stage but also on the usability of the user interface for the best feasible user experience.
  4. Content Delivery: content a very important part of the process is choosing to write text, photos or videos all optimized not only for your visitors but also for search engines.
  5. Development: Now we create the website using in the HTML(Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS(cascading style sheet) with some help from databases in other technologies as well if needed and websites can accessible to mobile devices too.
  6. Testing: we test all the technical features like code and scripts compatibility with major browsers but, we also ask ourselves if the website really fulfilled its purpose.
  7. Deployment: Launching the website does not finish our job, we always monitor what’s happening after the start enabling us to fix any possible deficiencies and if you require we also offer our service to maintain and update your website. So now you know Web Design is a very complex process but we believe this is how the website should be done and our customers agree and if you like our passion for high-quality web sites let’s get in touch we will be delighted to help you with what we do best

5 tips for Website Design (in 2020)

5 tips for Website Design (in 2020)

5 tips for Website Design (in 2020)

There are a number of options but we will focus on the main 5 points which are a must for any website designer.

 1. Mastering any Page builder:

As there are many WordPress page builder plugins like

  • drizzy
  • elementor
  • divi
  • avada theme
  • site origin
  • beaver
  • and many more

You must focus using any on any one of it and start mastering it. As using too many page builders together may consume too much time and can end up in frustration.

 2.  Bringing Traffic to Website:

This is the most important part of web designing. Once you have created a website now its time to attract people to your business.

Designing and putting up your website is not enough you have to let others know about your service. Your products and the timings in which you are available to serve them.

Letting people know the 4 W’s & 1H’s:

  • What You Do.
  • Where you Work or Serve.
  • Whom do you work for?
  • When do you work?

1H is:

  • How do you work?

So you need to start learning “How to bring traffic to your website?”

Now, let me tell you a story because with this you will be able to understand the third very very important part of offering your services as a web designer.

A friend of mine came over to me and said, “I am working as a home-based cook, and would be making food and delivering them to local place offices, houses and would also be taking some orders. So I want a website showing whatever cooking services I am providing and I also need to promote my business locally so that delivering food becomes easier for me.”

So, first of all, I jot down her requirements:

  • I need to provide food services to local people and cover the area which is near her place.
  • She also mentioned that her working hours would be
  • She would be taking orders between 10:00 a.m. -12:00 a.m. and
  • Food would be delivered between 1:00 p.m.- 2:00 p.m.

This is called Funnels.

Here comes the third part of business running as a website designer.

 3. Design basic funnels:

This  is a stepwise procedure in which your client follows these steps

  1. Selects a particular service discount
  2. Then he comes to an opt-in page
  3. Then thank you page and
  4. Confirmation page comes for clients subscription for keeping the customers updated with your latest services

To make the Opt-in complete we need to integrate it with email autoresponder like

  • MailChimp
  • ActiveCampaign etc

This can also be achieved with page-builders you just need to be clear on the concept of how these would be merging together.

 4. Improving Design skills:

Yes, this is back on the list. Design skills are very very important because having an eye for color layout, typography can make your designs look professional.

You can grab a lot of audience and traffic believe if you follow these simple steps to make a good design.

  • Keep it simple
  • Your design should be clean
  • It should be responsive
  • Coordinate with the colors

Strat learning from youtube on “How to learn design”

  5. Basic Video Editing:

Now think about it if you are desihgning a website traffic is the in entit which would be requiring imagine of having a car and feul to run it. Car is your website and fuel is the traffic.

So if there is a beautiful looking website whereas there is no one to come to that website so this is where traffic comes in.

Experts have been telling us that by 2020 90% of traffic would be coming through videos. SO you need to do basic video editing.

You can do video editing with

  • Streamflow
  • Filmore
  • Even on phone

You can also search for the term How to edit Videos to get the newest tools in the market.

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